Good Friday

By David Gibson | April 10, 2020

Like so many others living under this coronavirus quarantine, walking the dog is a blessed excuse for getting out of the house, at least for a few minutes, for a breath of fresh air and the occasional wary nod of confession to other dog-walkers. “Yes, I know she doesn’t really need to go out, but…

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Pope Francis is “The Outsider”

By David Gibson | April 3, 2020

If there is one constant in the era of change heralded by the ministry of Pope Francis it is the implacable opposition of the pope’s conservative foes. Hence the justifiable, and immensely useful, focus of Christopher Lamb’s aptly-titled new book, “The Outsider: Pope Francis and His Battle to Reform the Church.” Lamb is the Rome…

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Managing Social Distancing

By Luisa Matos | April 2, 2020

In order to cope with social distancing, I started planning some regular activities to maintain my mental, physical, intellectual, and spiritual stability. Social distancing is challenging for me, because I have an active social lifestyle and I like spending quality time with my friends and family. Here are five things currently helping me cope with…

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Rise of the Zoomtalkers

By David Goodwin | April 2, 2020

I’ve loved Star Wars since childhood. I remember my father taking my younger brother and me to Return of the Jedi. I remember collecting proofs of purchase to send away for exclusive Kenner action figures. Today, the John Williams opening theme still sets my imagination afire, and I find joy in watching new generations discover…

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