Rise of the Zoomtalkers

By David Goodwin | April 2, 2020

I’ve loved Star Wars since childhood. I remember my father taking my younger brother and me to Return of the Jedi. I remember collecting proofs of purchase to send away for exclusive Kenner action figures. Today, the John Williams opening theme still sets my imagination afire, and I find joy in watching new generations discover…

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Coping with Quarantine

By Sara McDonough | March 30, 2020

This open-ended period of quarantine and social distancing presents a difficult task: coping with isolation. It’s a challenge we’re all facing. Actually, this thought makes me feel less isolated. Even though we are physically apart, we are pushing through this together. It has been so heartwarming to see the creative ways people are using technology…

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A Jesuit amid the Italian Pandemic

By David Gibson | March 27, 2020

At Fordham’s Center on Religion and Culture, of course, we have had to cancel our slate of in-person gatherings scheduled for the Spring, so, like many other organizations, we are trying to provide more online content. This blog is one example and something we’ve been meaning to launch for a while. No time like the…

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Farmers, Food, and a (Last) Night Out

By David Goodwin | March 26, 2020

Earlier this winter, I received an invitation from a Twitter friend to a March 9th screening of Forgotten Farms, a documentary capturing the travails of New England dairy farmers . Although I had marked my calendar and long looked forward to the event, I considered bailing on the day of it. Why? The coronavirus.

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