I’ve loved Star Wars since childhood. I remember my father taking my younger brother and me to Return of the Jedi. I remember collecting proofs of purchase to send away for exclusive Kenner action figures. Today, the John Williams opening theme still sets my imagination afire, and I find joy in watching new generations discover the Star Wars stories. 

Last fall, I moderated a panel, Jedi & Jesuits, exploring the religious and spiritual themes of the Star Wars universe. (Yes, this is my job!) We had a great time and promised to reconvene after The Rise of Skywalker. Disney released the movie for purchase last month–earlier than expected–to give fans a distraction during the coronavirus quarantine.

Hoping to provide a distraction for our audience as well (and for FREE), the original band–Jack Jenkins, National Reporter, Religion News Service; Dr. Kathryn Reklis, Associate Professor, Fordham University Department of Theology; Jim McDermott, S.J., America Media; and yours truly–got back together to chat about The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, and other happenings in the Star Wars universe for a recent episode of CRC Chats.

Hope you enjoy this CRC Chat. Share your comments, too. 

David Goodwin is an urban historian, author, and Assistant Director of the Center on Religion and Culture.